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Inspect, Calibrate and Maintain…

Calibration, Inspection, Repair and Routine Maintenance.

For the health industry, be it hospitals or manufacturers of medical equipment, nothing counts more than the safety of a patient. It is therefore crucial that all quality conscious hospitals & medical equipment manufacturers make periodic inspection and calibration of equipment by third party a permanent feature in their quality control regimen.  Inspection and calibration of equipment ensures accuracy, effectiveness and long life of equipment, which ultimately enables one to achieve the highest degree of quality control.


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It pays off to inspect and do maintenance regularly

Inspection, Calibrating and Maintenance of your equipment with us regularly ensures that the quality of your medical instruments, and ultimately, the success and profitability of your medical facility is well maintained.

A regular check of your instruments with traceable calibration equipment is essential. You can’t afford to cut corners when the safety of your patients and the confidence they have in you are at stake, and regulatory requirements are knocking at your door. We provide a high measure of safety and assurance, and are always available to address your needs and concerns.  When your name is on the line, count on us.

More Information

  • Calibration is done with the help of specialized testing and calibrating equipment.
  • Should be done at least once a year
  • Can be done as per a range of national and international standards

Can be done for almost the entire range of medical equipment, including Defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters , Infusion pumps , Patient Simulators, ventilators , Fetal Monitors, Patient monitors etc

What we can do for you

We provide Biomedical and Lab Equipment repair and calibration services. Instrument Calibrations are done at ISO 9001:2000 registered facilities with NIST traceable calibration and provide you with calibration certificate.

Our service staff has the ability to repair equipment to the component level. This ability saves you a lot of money especially if the replacement parts are no longer available and the equipment is not being supported by the equipment manufacturer.

Who are and can be our customers

Our customers include hospital engineering departments, teaching and research Centers/ Laboratories, Clinics, Manufacturing facilities, Universities, and any organizations or institutions which use Diagnostics or Test and Measuring Instruments.