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Benchtop Digital pH Meter, Cat# LD-PH3

Cat# LD-PH3

This PH Meter is suitable for the pH and mV of aqueous solutions for laboratories, research institutes, schools
Digital display : Large screen LCD
The instrument automatically recognizes 3 standard buffer solutions (4.01 pH, 6.86PH, 9.18PH ) with manual temperature compensation
Measuring range: pH0.00-14.00pH; mV0-1800mV
Resolution: 0.01pH, 1mv, 0.1°C
Manual temperature compensation range: 0-60°C
Basic error of electronic unit: pH0.01pH; mV0.1% (FS)
Instrument basic error: 0.02pH
Electronic unit repeatability error: pH0.01pH; mV1mV
Instrument repeatability error: ≤0.01pH
Electronic unit stability: 0.01pH/3h
Dimensions: 220*200*85mm (l*b*h)
Weight: 1kg
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm