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Plasticrit Plastic Hematocrit Tubes, Drummond, Cat #ZO-8-000-7520/5

Plasticrit Plastic Hematocrit Tubes provide similar capillary action to that of glass hematocrit tubes but eliminate the possibility of contamination and injury due to breakage.


  • Polycarbonate Construction
  • No Risk of Contamination or Injury Due to Breakage
  • Length: 75 mm, 3″
  • Tubes Comply with FDA, NIOSH, CDC, and OSHA Safety Recommendations


They exhibit no compromise in accuracy.


These 75 mm (3″) tubes are made of polycarbonate.


Certifications: Tubes comply with FDA, NIOSH, CDC, and OSHA safety recommendations.


Ordering information: Cases consist of five vials each containing 200 tubes.

Cat #ZO-8-000-7520/5

Plain ZO-8-000-7520/5
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm