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BD Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set 23G x 3/4″ with luer adapter Cat: 791-367342


  • Product class: 2
  • Health Canada License #: 63731
  • 23G x ¾”, box of 50
  • 12″ tubing
  • Luer adapter
  • Push-button safety mechanism
  • Sterile and latex-free

Cat: 791-367342

The BD Vacutainer® push button blood collection set features a push button safety mechanism that instantly helps protect you against needlestick injury. Its in-vein activation reduces the risk of healthcare worker exposure to a contaminated needle, provides easy activation without patient discomfort and works well in high-risk environments.

It is also offered with a preattached holder to add convenience and help ensure OSHA single-use holder compliance.


  • One-handed activation
    • The one-handed safety activation of the push button allows you to activate the safety mechanism while still attending to the patient and venipuncture site
  • Compliance
    • Preattached holders are compliant with the OSHA single-use mandate
  • No compromise
    • The set provides easier, safer blood collection for the healthcare worker, with no compromise to patient care
  • With luer
  • 12″ tube
  • 23 G x 3/4″
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm