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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Dual Control with 1 inch Stir Bar Cat #AZ-SH-2

Heating power 180 watts
Stirring power 10 watts
Max.temperature 380°C
Stirring speed 100~2000 rpm / min adjustable
Max.Stirring capacity 1000 ml

Cat #AZ-SH-2

  •  POWERFUL – Maximum stirring capacity can reach to 1000 ml, Maximum heating plate temperature can reach to 380℃, Stirring speed 100~2000 rpm adjustable;
  •  EASY USE – Dual controls Heating and stirring at the same time,1 inch magnetic stir bar is enough to stir a lot of liquid,ideal for stirring in scientific research, industry, agriculture, health and medicine, home brew, etc
  •  Comes with complete accessories : Adjustable Thermometer Rack, Stainless Steel Rods ,Fuse, US Plug, Power Cable ,Operational Manual and a Teflon-coated Stirring Bar ( 9 mm Diameter 28 mm length)
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm