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New Methylene Blue, for Staining Reticulocytes in Peripheral Blood.Cat#280-4 ( 5280000-120A )

New Methylene Blue,  for Staining Reticulocytes in Peripheral Blood
280-4 ( 5280000-120A )
Size: 120 mL
Packing: natural poly
Expiration: 24 months

Used as a blood and reticulocyte staining solution.  When mixed with whole blood, the RNA and DNA stain deep blue

STORAGE AND EXPIRATION: Store reagents at room temperature (70-77.9 °F/20-25.5 °C). Maximum intended shelf life is printed on the label. After prolonged storage, some separation of the phenol from the carbol fuchsin may occur. Should this occur, shake the tightly capped bottle vigorously prior to use.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm